Dear Harry

This posts will pop up every so often. I was always determined that Harry will know his whole story, from the moment we were given his diagnosis and so I started writing to him. I made him an email address which I will give him when he is older and he can read from the very beginning.
However, I thought it might be helpful to put a couple on here and this one is the very first from the day we got his diagnosis.

Dear Harry,

Wow, what a journey this has been. You were born last Thursday and already your dad and I cannot believe how lucky we have been. Waking up that first morning without you was the hardest thing I have ever done, but knowing that you were getting the best possible care is what has been keeping me going. I can't thank the wonderful nurses who are looking after you enough for what they are doing.
On Friday we met Dr Jones. He told us what he suspected and you had to have blood taken to confirm, and today we got our confirmation. You have Down's Syndrome. Writing those words have been hard for me and I have to be honest, your dad and I cried our eyes out when we had a chance to process the information, but I want you to know that it doesn't change how much we love you. You are our entire world and we just couldn't imagine life without you. I hope that you never felt, growing up, that we have treated you any differently or you have felt that we have loved you any less than we could have because I honestly don't think it's possible to love anyone or anything as much as we love you.

Until next time my darling boy

Mummy xxx

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