Perfect Parents Don't Exist.

The dictionary describes the word perfect as; having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics. Having no flaws. This is something as parents we all strive towards, being the perfect mummy or daddy. When I was pregnant I made all these promises like;
'Harry's only going to eat freshly prepared food'
'He's going to wear the best'
'I'm not going to use a TV as a babysitter'
'I'll work as little as possible. I didn't have a child so someone else could raise him'
'He's not going to have sweets or chocolate or anything unhealthy until he's in school.'
These things are what I felt made a perfect parent. A perfect parent spend every second of the day with their children, never needed a break never got cross or frustrated. Their kids were pristine every single day. These were those people you looked at with their kids and thought 'Wow, They've got their shit together'
It's safe to say, that isn't me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that people look at me and think, 'What kind of parent...'  and everything I said during pregnancy I wouldn't do, happens. Harry has chicken nuggets and fish fingers at least once a week, he wears whatever we can find in Primark, because he just grows too fast and I'm not paying a fortune for him to wear them once (Although his 1st birthday outfit came from the Disney store, so definitely not cheap!) He spends 5 days a week at nursery while I'm back at college, and CBeebies is my very best friend when I need to do things. Let's not talk about sweets chocolate and unhealthy food. Safe to say he loves a KFC. And although I feel bad about these things, it doesn't mean I'm a bad parent. It doesn't mean I've failed. It just simply means I'm a parent.
And that's the point of it all really isn't it? We are parents, not everyone is going to agree with our methods or technique and so we will never be perfect. Perfect parents simply do not exist.

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