More about Postnatal depression

What is PND?
Postnatal depression or PND is the depression that is experienced by parents within the first
year of their babies life and affects one in ten women and one in twenty-five men. Although
this can be caused by hormones after the birth of a baby, this is not the only cause.
Postnatal depression is just as severe as all other forms and must be treated as early as
possible to try to make sure that it is not an ongoing problem.

The difference between PND and ‘baby blues’
Baby blues is completely normal and usually occurs within the first week after a mother has
given birth.It is caused by the changing hormones in the body and although you may feel
super weepy and easily upset but by the time your baby is two weeks old you should be
starting to feel back to normal. If your mood doesn’t change by the time your baby is two
weeks old you may need to talk to your doctor, midwife or health visitor as you may be
suffering from PND.

Symptoms of PND
If you are suffering from PND you may experience one or all of these symptoms
Lack of interest in your bab
Feeling hopeless
Continuous crying or crying for no reason
Not enjoying any of the things you would normally enjoy
Lack of concentration or motivation
Memory loss
Anxiety for your baby which is more than considered normal
Panic attacks
Inability to sleep or broken sleep
Extreme tiredness
Feeling unwell
Aches and pains
Under or overeating
If you notice any of these symptoms you must see your doctor as soon as possible.

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