Let's talk about bath time products

So today I wanted to talk about Harry's bath time products we use and why we use them. 

Bath time in our house is called 'splash splash'. Sam started this when Harry was really little and really hated a bath. He's never been a fan of getting a bath, and even now at nearly 3 he still hates having his hair washed.

Harry would scream the moment we put him in the water, sometimes even when he knew we were running him a bath. We tried to make it as easy as possible for him, we even got one of those changing tables with the bath in so he could be in the familiar surroundings of his bedroom but nothing helped, until he was able to sit up in the bath. There is something about being laid down in the bath that really gets to Harry.

Once he grew out of the changing table bath and was sitting up properly we started to put him in the proper bath and he started to enjoy bath time a little more and Sam started to teach him how to splash in the water - hence splash splash. 

We don't, and never have bathed Harry everyday. Its not recommended and Harry has extremely dry skin, something to do with the UV lamps he was under when he was first born to help with the jaundice. 

Harry generally has a bath every other day, unless he needs it more often. He does get a wash down every day but we try not to bath him too often as it can aggravate his skin making it drier and irritating for him. This is also why we have to be really careful with what products we use on him and in the bath.

We have tried a lot of different products in Harry's bath, but the best things we have found for him have been;

1. Bedtime bath - It hasn't ever matter what brand of this we use, Johnson's or a supermarket own brand it doesn't seem to affect his skin, which is obviously lovely, but we also have noticed how much this has actually been helping with his sleeping. On nights where Harry doesn't have a bath or if he has a bath without this in he doesn't seem to sleep as well. 
When we first used it we never thought it would make that much of a difference but he sleeps so much better using this and doesn't toss and turn in bed as much. We also use this as his soap as it works so well on his skin. 

2. Dove baby shampoo - This stuff is WOW! I use a lot of dove products myself but when I smelt this range I was obsessed. I don't know what it is about the smell of this but its amazing, which is reason enough to keep using it in my book, but we noticed when we started using this Harry's cradle cap, or dry skin on his scalp started to disappear and now he has none. Win Win in my book.

3. Childs farm moisturiser - I had heard so much about this range we decided to give it a go to try and help with Harry's skin. We use a tiny amount mainly on his legs and arms and again the smell of this is reason enough to buy it. I cant get enough of it.

4. Diprobase - Harry has aeriously dry skin on his face, especially if he has a cold or running nose. The GP prescribed diprobase for him and it helps to clear it up a lot. Its the only thing we reguarlly use on Harrys face and even Sam and I will steal a little if we are having a little trouble wth dry skin. Diprobase is also great for nappy rash and you can buy it over the counter at boots so we don't have to keep bugging the doctor about it.

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