Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure - A Honest Review

 If you have a dinosaur fan, Roarr! Dinosaur adventure is a must visit!

Based in Lenwade, Norfolk, Roarr is a massive dinosaur themed attraction that has something for everyone. 

opened in 2006 when the Goymour family took over and has expanded ever since. 

We first visited Roarr! in August 2021 when Harry was first starting to really get into dinosaurs. Harry was still quite unsteady and Covid was still quite prominent but the team at Roar handled it extremely well. There are lots of outside activates and things to see so we only needed to use our masks at the time when visiting Dippy's theatre and if we had chosen to go into Dinomite indoor play. Harry had a great day the first time and cried when we left. 

This year we went back on the day they opened their two new attractions, Valley of the Dinosaurs and Dippy's Exploration Adventure. 

Here are some of our pictures from Roarr!

Attractions at Roar! Dinosaur Adventure

Roar! has a great selection of attractions to suit all ages and preferences. There is only 2 things that we haven't done when visiting but I'm sure we will get round to them when we try next visit!

Dinomite Indoor Play - Roar!'s version of soft play. Harry was desperate to play on this and it was a great break. Its not very big and located in the cafĂ© but for a quick 10 minute play to burn off some steam and let the grown ups have a quick cuppa its perfect. I'd never understood why places like this had soft play area's until Harry was big enough to use them. 

Days out with children can be very draining and its nice to let them have a bit of a play while the adults get a 5 minute sit down so I was very grateful to Dinomite!

Dippy's Theatre - Dippy's theatre was fab for us. We haven't been to watch some of the movies they show there, but we always make sure to catch the show with Dippy and his friends. On the days we've been its not been busy in the theatre and its a quiet space where we can have a sit down. The show it's self isn't very long but a perfect taster if you've never taken your children to a show or the cinema before. 

Dippy Live! - This always reminds me of kids hour at the club house on the caravan holidays we always used to go on as kids. Dippy comes out at certain times, you have a dance (did someone say party dances?) and then you have the opportunity to meet Dippy and get a photo. The atmosphere is always brilliant and when we visited this year Harry got to hug Dippy which made his whole day (obviously he couldn't in 2021 because of Covid)

Dippy's Raceway - These mini motorised cars are one on Harry's favourite parts of visiting Roarr! We have never quite trusted him not to crash enough to go on these alone and for some reason he always insists on me going with him but its great fun. 

Valley of the Dinosaurs - Roarr's new attraction which is an interactive dinosaur walk with anamatronic dinosaurs and a fun trail to follow

Dippy's Splash Zone - We've never visited the splash zone but it looks like great fun, especially when its a really hot day

Secret Animal Garden - When I say there is something for everyone at Roarr! there really is. A selection of animals, including a donkey, chickens and a pig. 

Predator High Ropes - Again we have never done this because Harry is just not there yet, but I can't wait until he is big enough for this, he will absolutely love it

X-Tinction - A huge sandpit with hidden fossils, what kid wouldn't love that?! Harry would spend all day here burying and finding the fossils again and again if we would let him. 

And that is not the end of it! See all of Roarr's attractions here: Roarr! Attractions

The only thing I would like to mention is there wasn't a great selection of food at Roarr, however they have both indoor and outdoor picnic areas so I would definitely recommend taking a picnic. 

Other than that, Roarr, for us at least is a great day out and somewhere Harry asks to visit again and again!

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How to Create a Home Environment for Optimal Child Development

 Creating a home environment for optimal child development can be a challenge for parents. There are so many things to consider – from the type of toys that are available to the colors on the walls and the clothes they wear. It can be challenging to know where to start! This blog post provides tips for creating a home environment that will help your child thrive.

1) Consider your child’s age when creating the environment;

The needs of a newborn are different from those of a toddler. Therefore, it’s important to consider your child’s age when you are creating an environment at home that is optimal for their development. The needs of a newborn are different than those of a toddler, for example. Therefore, make sure that you consider the various stages of development when planning your home environment. If you have young children, creating separate areas in your home for them to play and explore might be helpful. 

2) Consider the type of activities that your child enjoys;

Think about the kinds of activities your child wants and ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for them to engage in these activities at home. If they enjoy being active, ensure there is space for them to run around and play. If they enjoy arts and crafts, make sure there are materials available for them.

3) Make sure that the environment is safe;

Safety is an important consideration when you are creating a home environment for your child. Make sure that there are no sharp objects or harmful chemicals within reach. Also, consider the amount of space that your child has to play in – you don’t want them to feel cramped and claustrophobic. Remember to take into account their age, interests, and safety when you are planning the space. 

Via Pexels

4) Clothing and personal character;

The clothing your child wears can also affect their development. If you want them to feel confident and comfortable in their skin, consider buying clothes they feel good in. For example, your boy would perhaps prefer jeans, t-shirts and boots, whereas your little girl would prefer baby girl rompers, stockings and padded shoes. Clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable can be a distraction and make it difficult for them to focus on tasks.

Personal character is another aspect to consider when you are choosing clothes for your child. If you want them to dress modestly, look for clothing items that cover the body without being too constricting. If you want your child to express their personality through their clothing, allow them to choose items they feel good in that reflect their interests.

5) Give them a sense of control;

To give your child a sense of control over their environment. This can be as simple as letting them choose the color of their walls or the type of furniture in their room. Giving them control over their surroundings can help them feel more comfortable and secure in their home.

Allowing your child to help make decisions about their environment is a great way to teach them responsibility and independence. In addition, you can give them more control over the space as they get older. Eventually, they will be able to choose their own furniture, paint colors, and accessories!

In conclusion, following these tips can create a home environment that is optimal for your child’s development. Remember to take into account their age, interests and safety when you are planning the space. With a little bit of thought, you can create a wonderful place for your child to grow and develop.

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