Harry - More than a diagnosis

Harry is almost two and a half. He is almost 3ft tall and weights 11kg. His favourite food is bread, or maybe cake (its the sign he knows best for sure!)  and he LOVES to watch Mr Tumble and Paw Patrol.

But why am I telling you all of this?

Because Harry is a person in his own right. He is a cheeky monkey with an attitude that puts me to shame! But most importantly, Harry is Harry, he is more than a diagnosis.

When we first meet people we introduce Harry and I can always feel the questions, they know something is different about him but they don't want to ask, in case they are wrong or in case I go off on one I guess, but I always want them to see Harry as Harry so we don't mention his diagnosis until someone asks, which honestly doesn't always happen. It usually comes about when they mention how small he is (he is comfortably in 18-24 month clothes) or ask why he isn't walking yet (we're getting there!). When we do say that Harry has down syndrome we always get the same responses;

'Oh, I'm so sorry'

'They are the most loving, happy kids aren't they'

'So what's it like?'

and I have to be honest, every single one of these responses bothers me. I understand that people haven't got a clue what to say when they hear that and I try not to let it get to me. There are things that i always want to say;

'Don't be sorry! There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with him!!'

'No, he can be a stubborn little monkey and has a stinking attitude sometimes, just like all the other 2-year-olds out there!!'

'Honestly, it's like having a 2-year-old. We don't know any different!'

I think its really important to remember that a diagnosis doesn't mean that a child, or a person of any age, any less of a person. and whatever their diagnosis, it doesn't define who they are!

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