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Who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge session? I hate to admit it but Netflix is the most visited website on my laptop and we use it load on out TV. I love that it has a massive range of programs and films and there are loads of things on there for Harry too.

I have to say I must have watched something for every genre on Netflix and there isn’t much I haven’t loved. There are things on Netflix that I keep coming back to again and again so I thought I would write up a quick post about my favourite things to watch on Netflix. I constantly see posts on Facebook asking for recommendations of what to watch on Netflix so maybe this will help those people too!

1.       Gossip Girl. I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL. I honestly don’t think I watched it before I discovered Netflix and honestly don’t even remember it being on TV before, but I had heard so much about it so thought I would give it a go while I was at Uni. I don’t know what it is about this programme, but I have loved every single second of it.

Its still a go to for me. In fact, I’m currently re-watching it for about the 100th time. It never gets old. The characters are brilliant, and the story line keeps you on the edge of your seat. I’m also a little bit in love with Chuck – Maybe more than a little bit…

2.       Friends. What 90’s baby doesn’t love friends. When the whole 10 seasons went on Netflix I was over the moon. Safe to say I have watched it all multiple times now and still cry my eyes out at the last episode.

3.       Making a Murderer. If you don’t know me personally you will not know but I love true crime documentaries and Netflix is full of them! My favourite has to be Making a Murderer. I had never heard of Steven Avery or Brendan Dassey before this and to be honest didn’t watch this until I was on maternity leave, but I binge watched the first season in one day and the second season in about the same amount of time. Have you seen it? Do you think they are innocent?

4.       Blackfish. I’m not sure how I came across this, but I think it is the most powerful documentary I have ever seen. Being a child of the Free Willy age seeing the turmoil Orca’s go through at SeaWorld hit me hard. Growing up I had been desperate to visit a SeaWorld and then since watching this I have vowed never to visit there and I have spoken to others who have felt the same way after watching this – I have watched it multiple times and it hits me just as hard every single time.

5.       Gavin And Stacey. Wow – Who doesn’t LOVE Gavin and Stacey?! This is my favourite show, not just on Netflix but possibly ever. Gavin and Stacey is my go-to whenever I’m ill or feeling down and the fact it is on Netflix makes it all so much easier. Also, who’s excited for Christmas day?!

What are your go to Netflix shows?

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