Free things to do in the summer!

Summer always makes me think of day trips out and they always seem to cost the earth. So with that in mind, I started looking at things we could do for free over the summer months.
One of the things we have always loved doing together is going for a walk. Usually, more recently this involves a trip to the swings and slide, but I honestly think Harry likes the actual walk just as much as the swings and slide! It’s a chance for him to run around like the monkey he is. Harry definitely takes after Sam with his love of being outdoors!

We tend to make the walks a little more interesting for Harry, now he’s a little older and also making it a little more educational – although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just letting him run free across the fields sometimes! We like to point out the wildlife in the park as Harry is obsessed with animals and discuss what noises we think all of the different animals make.

Another suggestion I had from Victoria at was to Go for a nature walk and collect leaves and flowers to do leaf rubbings and press the flowers to make pictures – which sounds like a brilliant idea and one I know Harry would absolutely love. This would be a great idea for all seasons too – not restricted to just the summer months!

We are incredibly lucky to be able to afford to rent a house with a garden – I say lucky, Sam would never live anywhere without a garden – and so sometimes we spend the whole day in the garden with Harrys various outdoor toys and sometimes just simply reading a book or doing some coloring. Anything to get away from Hey Duggee on the TV which seems to be Harry’s favorite at the minute.
Arts and crafts are big in our house and I remember as a child making things from the recycling leftover – there is nothing better than a large cereal box in my opinion! – so I can’t wait to do this with Harry.

Another suggestion we had was from Becky at which is quite honestly the most brilliant thing I think I’ve heard all summer and I will be doing this will Harry as soon as possible is to Set up your own obstacle course using pillows from the sofa, crawl under a sheet, through legs of a chair etc. use whatever is around the house. Great for indoors or in the garden depending on the weather. Another suggestion that is great for all seasons!!

Lisa from said Go to a country park. The the majority are free and have some of the best play parks you will come across. Perfect for bikes, scooters, and picnics too.

Claire said water painting has always been a winner with all ages. Give them a bowl or bucket of water and some paintbrushes and let them paint anywhere they like outside. – find her suggestions at

Have you got any other ideas?

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