How to make the most of Lock down

I'm sure everyone is so sick of hearing, reading, and even thinking about the lockdown, I know that two weeks in, I certainly am!

However, I have started to really think about lockdown as a gift. I would never have been able to take this time with Harry and have all of this spare time without the lockdown so I want to make the most of it and thought I would give a list of things that I am doing to make the most of it!

1. Tackle that job! I can pretty much guarantee that every single person reading this has at least one job they have been saying they don't have time to do and putting it off and putting it off. Well, what better time to tackle it now! Obviously people with children this still may be difficult but it's well worth giving it a go. Sam and I have cleared the junk out of our spare room while I've been off and honestly, it took about a day and a half of hard work but now that it is done it feels amazing!

2. Start a new hobby or get back to a much-neglected one. This one for me has been a lifesaver! I have now baked multiple recipes, something I rarely have time for normally. My next project is to dig out my knitting needles and try and get a blanket or scarf or even a cushion cover done - something I have never been able to complete.

3. Exercise. Probably the most common thing you have found on your list but YouTube is full of at-home work out videos and what a great time to get started! Exercise is also a great way to help if you are struggling with your mental health.

4. Read - I cannot stress this one enough! I love reading and have honestly loved having more time to read more books!

5. Relax. This one is the most important. The time we are living in at the moment is stressful enough so please take to time to look after yourself. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to get everything done. You will never have this 'free time' again so why not take some time to relax and have some 'me time'  you will honestly feel so much better for it

Stay safe everyone.

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