5 Summer Activies for Toddlers

 It is HOT!

Every time I say that I think, god I'm definitely British, but my word where on earth has this heat come from? Personally, I am a real winter lover, I love the cold weather and have been praying for the snow and thunderstorms. Sam is totally different, he loves the summer and being outside with the BBQ's and sports and walking. Harry is definitely somewhere in the middle, he loves the being outside all day long but is definitely not loving the heat so I've come up with 5 activities for him to do in the summer that keeps him nice a cool and these are all free or cheap things you can do at home so no need to go out, brilliant especially in the current climate.

1. 'Fence Painting'  - This is possibly my favourite one and definitely Harry's favourite. Whenever the sun is out Harry asks to 'paint'. We just get a pot of cool water and an unused paintbrush and let him loose on the garden fence. He ends up covered in the water but keeps him cool, and occupied for AGES which is definitely a bonus. Also, mess-free so win-win!

If you don't have a garden you could always let them paint your windows if they are in reach or a mirror.

2. Toy Ice Block - My mother-in-law sent me this idea and its fab! Get some of the smaller toys and pop them into a large pot - We use an old ice cream or large yoghurt pot. Fill with water and put into the freezer. Then put the ice block out of the pot, put onto a tray and give to your toddler with a fork and spoon or plastic hammer, then you just tell them to rescue their toys, this may take a while and they may get a bit bored half-way through but its great fun for them and keeps them cook. Also super easy to clean up because the ice just melts away.

3. Paddling pool - No brainer really. Let them free in the paddling pool! 

4. Splash pad - This is a new one for us this year. Harry got this for his birthday in March and loves this. We usually put this up with his pool but this is constant cool water. You just lay it flat, plug in the hose and turn on the water. It then has a sprinkler all the way around that sprays into the middle creating a large puddle. I think this comes from Amazon, and you can find a similar one here.

5. Water Table - We got ours from Tesco at the end of last summer and Harry loves it. It's especially great if we just don't have the energy to get the pool or splash pad and hose out. This would also be great if you don't have a garden, you could put a waterproof mat on the floor and it would keep them nice and cool. 


  1. They are all seem like nice things to do. He looks happy and clearly enjoys it. Nice post.

  2. I'm with Harry - I love the sun and warmth too! Love the sound of the toy ice block, that's genius :)

  3. My kiddo would love done of these ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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