Five things I've learnt since becoming a mum

Parenting is one of life's greatest adventure, if it is something you chose to do with your life it can be the most rewarding experience, but can also leave you screaming and crying and throwing things. I've lost count of the amount of times I've cried because its been a hard parenting day, or its overwhelming, or I'm struggling to juggle everything, but then I pick myself up and do it all over again the next day. 

I thought I would share five things I've learnt in the four years I've been a mum. 

1. It is just not possible to do everything. This is something I tell myself every single day. I am the type of person who gets up in the morning and writes out my to-do list, which lets be honest is so long I wouldn't be able to complete it if I didn't have a toddler and full time job! Then at the end of the night when maybe three of these things are ticked off (if I'm lucky!) I feel like the day has been wasted, but honestly my child is clean and fed and happy and to me, that's all that matters really. 

2. You are their mum, not their friend. Growing up my mum was one of my best friends, but looking back I realise that actually while I loved her and we have a really great relationship, she was always my mum first, and while I always thought I would be my child's best friend that's not the way its suppose to be. Harry doesn't like me all of the time, especially when I have to tell him off or take a treat away from him and that's okay. Because I'm his mum. 

3. There is absolutely no point in comparing your child to any other child. I'm guessing this would even apply to siblings, because every child is different. Harry is different to most of his peers, but also different to lots of other children with Down's syndrome and Klinefelter's Syndrome, and that's fine. Every child is different and its about embracing those differences. 

4. Everyone has opinions, but not everyone's opinions matter. The amount of judgement there is for mothers in the world is ridiculous. I've been told I shouldn't work, I should stay home with my child, I needed to feed him certain foods or put him in certain clothes and I've developed a thick skin about it all. I don't listen. I have a little rule; If I didn't ask for your opinion, it isn't welcome. 

5. Money isn't everything. As a child who grew up with very little money, I always said when I had a child we would have loads of money and my child would have the best of everything. How ridiculous was I?! We have by no means loads of money and Harry definitely isn't spoilt but we are happy. I've also learnt you don't need to spend money to have a good time. As long as Harry is smiling, its the best day ever for me. 


  1. Good lessons you've learnt. There's no need to compare yourself or your child to another and yes money isn't everything. The little things too do matter.

  2. Harry is so precious. Can't wait to have one of my own. These some great things you have learned and pointed being parent comes with challenges and there no book that has all the answers. You learn as you grow. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is a great post and absolutely things that moms need to remember!


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