Packing for and surviving labour!

It has been more than two years since I packed my hospital bag, but I was thinking about it the other day and how hard it was finding what I should put into it! So I decided to write this post for all the first time mum's out there about to pack their hospital bag and wondering what the heck they should put in it.

The first thing I would say about putting in your hospital bag is food. After 6 days of being in slow labour and food making me throw up and almost 10 hours in active labour kitchen in my hospital was closed and once I was taken to the ward, Sam was sent home and all they had to give me to eat was an egg and cress sandwich. Safe to say I was not impressed. In the slightest. So make sure you have plenty of food with you! No matter what it is TAKE FOOD!

Next, I would suggest getting yourself down to your nearest Primark and get what I call a granny nighty. I practically lived in mine for the week I was in the hospital after giving birth. They look hideous but my gosh are they comfy when you are all stretched out and sore!

Obviously, you need the normal things that will be on every list. Maternity pads and breast pads. I used Tesco's own for mine and they were great.

Huge knickers are also a must!!

Take a flannel to keep yourself cool whilst in labour. No matter what time of the year it is that you will be giving birth because giving birth makes you HOT!

Phone chargers are important not just for you but for your birthing partner too. It could be a LONG TIME. I would also suggest packing food and something for your birthing partner to do. I didn't want Sam near me and he got a little bit bored (which lead to his phone dying). Also, you will get a million and one texts asking if there is any news. Do not feel that you need to answer these. You are in labour. You will tell them when there is news.

Loose clothing is a good idea for after birth as you have no idea how sore you will be. Again I went to Primark for these and paid £2.50 for a pair of black leggings. Lifesavers!

I wouldn't go overboard with packing your bag though. Most women are home the same day as giving birth as long as there are no issues!

Good luck!

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