My 2019 Goals

WOW! Where did 2018 go? I honestly cannot believe we are in 2019 already! Christmas and new year, usually my favourite time of the year, just seemed to go by in a blur. I worked right up to Christmas for the first time since having Harry and that was hard, not being with him especially this Christmas when he really seemed to know what was going on, but we got through it and I think he had a great day.

I was ill over new year, again. I'm really not even surprised it happens every single year. Luckily, Sam and I aren't really partiers and so it was our usual few drinks with a Chinese in front of the TV. We watched the BBC's ABC Murders, which was really good! (and Rupert Grint... Hello).

It's amazing how much things change when you become a parent. Years ago we would have stayed up literally all night drinking on New Year's Eve, playing games and listening to music and generally being rowdy. This year we were struggling to stay awake and just about saw in midnight before passing out in bed.

Ah, what a life we lead!

2018 for us was a year of ups and downs, I'm not going to go into it into too many details in this post, but looking back at it all got me thinking about the things I want to achieve this year.

I never call them New Year's Resolutions because it feels like something I would set in January and completely forget about in the months to come. I prefer to think of them as 'goals'. Something to work towards throughout the year.

Obviously, I have some personal goals that I won't be sharing on here but there are some I'm excited to share certain ones with you, more in the hope that putting it out there on the internet means I may actually achieve them!

1. Blog more regularly. My blog is my space, my little piece of the internet where I can be me, not mummy. It's something I love doing and this year I really want to take time to focus more on this blog.

2. Become more organised. This is one I hate myself for because for a really long time I was super organised, but somehow I just let it slip away. I'm going to be taking steps to ensure I am more organised this year. I've done a load of research on this and discovered bullet journalling, which to me just seemed completely AMAZING. My bullet journal is ready to go now and I'm excited to start getting the best use out of it. Would anyone like to see a post on bullet journalling? I'm thinking I could do a whole series through the year on my experience with my bullet journal.

3. Take more pictures. This one seems to be on my list EVERY year. Hopefully, I will stick to it this year!

4. Lose weight. It's not even about losing the baby weight anymore. I have finally admitted I am seriously overweight but have a plan in place to help me shift some of that extra weight and start to feel good about myself again.

5. Focus on Me. This one is a really big one for me. I'm a people pleaser mostly and will always put anyone else needs before my own. I want to focus on me this year. (obviously, I will still be putting Harry first)

What are your 2019 goals?

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  1. These are great goals...many apply to me, too! Def. practice some self-care. Us moms don't do that near enough! That is at the top of my list this year.


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