5 things we will try to do in 2019

So this post is really similar to the 2019 goals post from a few weeks ago. That one was my personal goals, this one is things we want to achieve or do as a family in 2019.

We want to make this the best year so far for Harry. He's so much more aware of everything that's going on around him now, so we really want to have some fun and create great memories for not just Harry, but all of us.

Obviously we have more goals as a family but some of them are quite personal and not really something we want to be spreading all over the internet, but we do have some good ones that we are happy to share and hopefully with having them here we will be more encouraged to stick to them!

1. Take a holiday! This one I am determined to stick to this year. To be fair we are incredibly lucky that Sam's parents have a caravan on the Norfolk coast that we are able to use quite often - and we do- but the last holiday Sam and I took was for my 20th and his 22nd birthday - coming up 7 years ago now! So this year I really want to get away properly.
We are looking at North Cornwall for our birthday again this year. Cornwall is one of our favourite places to visit in the UK and we are so excited to be taking Harry there to show him the beautiful scenery and of course all of our favourite little places.
We have plans for our holiday next year to somewhere much more exotic but as Harry and I don't have passports and have never been abroad we felt that Cornwall was the perfect destination for our first proper family holiday, but watch out for next year!

2. Spend more time together without electronics. We rely far too much lately on the TV, Harry's tablet and our phones, especially as a way to keep Harry entertained when Sam and I have has a long day at work and just want to relax - The joys of working full time as a parent - but we want to make an effort to spend some real quality time with Harry without being sat in front of the TV or giving him his tablet. Then again I would really love an excuse not to have to hear the Twirlywoo's or Baby Shark again! We want to spend the little time we have together as a family going to the park, taking walks or even just playing with Harry in his bedroom or the garden and  we have a few exciting day trips planned for the summer. Sam's goal is for Harry to love being outdoors as much as he does as he doesn't seemed to be able to get me to enjoy it quite that much. He's also majorly excited that Harry is loving kicking a ball around lately and has big plans for the summer for the two of them.

3. Don't make everything about spending money This one is defiantly one for Sam but if I'm honest mostly me. I'm the spender in the family and always seem to think the more money I spend the more fun everyone is going to have - which is definatly not the case. As Sam and I approach our 10 year anniversary - How is that even possible? - I think back to the days we've had that we've enjoyed most, and honestly some of our best days have been when we don't spend a lot, with things like picnics - which is one of my favourite things to do- or even for a walk with a coffee and an ice cream. Its harder in the winter to think of cheap or free things to do because lets face it I don't want to take Harry out in the freezing cold all the time but sometimes going for a chilly winter walk is the best!

4. Save Money! Who doesn't have this as a goal 99% of the time? I suppose this one follows on from the last. Sam and I have no savings - literally zero. For the first few years living together we really struggled and basically lived pay check to pay check, getting into all sort of money troubles that we are slowly clawing our way out of due to one thing or another like being on maternity pay and paying for childcare. There was just nothing to spare.
We are now finally n a place where we can live somewhat comfortably and have a little spare money and would like to put some of this away for a rainy day. We would also like to be completely debt free - isn't that the dream? And eventually save to buy our own house. We want to make sure Harry has everything he needs and we can give him the best opportunities and experiences.

5. Live a healthier lifestyle. This one doesn't really apply to Harry because for some reason we have always been quite health conscious when it comes to what Harry eats, and he definitely gets enough exercise running around like a headless chicken all day everyday, but Sam and I seem to have fallen into a rut again with food and I get next to no exercise - at least Sam has a physical job.
But we are making a real conscious decision to make healthier choices. I'm not saying that it means there will be no more McDonalds. They just won't be happening as often!

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