1 month in... Where I am with my 2019 Goals

Well, January is finally over. It can't just be me that feels like that was the longest month?
But its over now, and we are a full month into 2019 so I thought I would do an update of where I am with my personal 2019 goals!
1. Blogging more regularly has gone really well! I know its only a month but I'm really proud that I've managed to get a post up every Friday this month and fingers crossed I will continue to do so. I've really actually been enjoying having the routine of it all and I'm feeling great that I have a post up every week!
I feel like I blog differently to others where i will write the post down in a notebook first. I honestly have no idea why but this always works better for me. I've always been a pen and paper girl and its gone over into my blogging style although it is definitely more work, I can write and edit a blog post anywhere and never leave the house without my little blogging notebook and pen!
2. More organised? Well, I don't really know that I've seen much of a difference with this one. I still seem to run around like a headless chicken in the mornings trying to get everything ready for work, but I feel that I have more of a routine with Harry and getting things ready and I don't really seem to be forgetting anything anymore,  I suppose organisation will come with time. I'm also managing to actually get things done from my to do list instead of just writing a list and then never looking at it again. Lets hope I can improve even more as the months go on. I don't feel like I've got the most out of my bullet journal this month either so hoping to make sure I use this a bit more in the future.
3. I have completely failed at taking more pictures. I don't think I've turned my big camera on this whole month and I have very little new pictures on my phone. January is always a hard one for me with taking pictures but hey! Can't win them all. Let's try again next month!
4. Well..... The less said about this one the better. Moving on next month. Hopefully getting my bike sorted and gunna start taking Harry swimming when the weather warms up so that should help!
5. I've been feeling loads better mentally this month, and I think I have been taking more time to be Kat, rather then mummy all the time. It definitely helps that Sam and I have great supportive families that offer to have Harry so much! It kind of feels like Harry hasn't been home too much this month but I've managed to have good sleep and do little things for myself which is just what the doctor ordered.
How are you all doing with your goals? Do you think, now we are a month in they are realistic and achievable? Are you wishing you had made different goals?

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