More about me and where we started

I realise that some people who will read this will know me very well, where others will know nothing at all about me so I thought this week I would write a bit more about me.

So where to start...

So my name is Katherine, but if you call me that I won't answer. I'm Kat. I was born on the 10th of June 1992, which means as I write this I am almost 27.

I was born in East London and spent the first part of my childhood in Tottenham, North London. I am the oldest of 3, with a sister then a brother following after me.

We moved from North London to Peterborough when I was almost 10 after my grandparents on my dads side moved here and we all loved it when we visited. My mum had wanted to get out of London for the longest time.

When we first moved to Peterborough, I hated it. It was too quiet and I didn't know anyone. I had what all the kids at school thought was a hilarious accent and I hated feeling like an outsider. I joined the school at the beginning of year 6. It was a really small school full of kids who had literally grown up together and I was the new kid, but it wasn't long before I made some really good friends.

It didn't take long for me to start loving where we lived. My parents felt safer there and so gave me so much more freedom. I had never had kids 'call for me' before and never ever been able to 'play out' without adult supervision so I felt like I had a massive amount of freedom.

In the summer after year 7 we moved again to a different part of Peterborough and I had to change schools again. I again hated being the new girl but soon found some great friends.

When I was 17 I met Sam. He had been my brothers football coach and my dad was the assistant coach. I'm pretty sure my dad had been trying to set us up for a while, not that he will ever admit it.

We met at a summer BBQ for the football team and I really did not want to be there, then I met Sam. I have to say it definitely wasn't love at first sight or anything like that. We both got amazingly drunk and flirted ridiculously, with my mum and her friend egging us on. We exchanged numbers and when I left I honestly never thought I would see him again. He was leaving for university in the September.

So boy was I shocked when I woke up the next morning to a text from Sam asking if I would like to meet again. I said yes and we had a great day together. We both agreed that we weren't looking for anything serious and didn't think it would last once Sam went to Uni. Boy were we wrong.

We survived Sam going to Uni in Coventry, me moving to Norwich, Me going to Uni in Bolton and then me dropping out of Uni.

We decided to move in together once Sam had finished his degree and looked at all of our options. We had both loved being in Coventry and so we decided to move there. We lived in Coventry for exactly a year and it was the hardest year of our life, but we both agree now that it was the best thing we could have done for our relationship. Living away from all of our family meant that we learnt to work through any problems we had and grow as a couple.

It was just under a year after we moved back to Peterborough that we found out we were having Harry, and the rest is history!

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