Harry's April Favourites!

Another favorites post – I’m going to try to do two of these every month; one for all of the things Harry has loved that month and one for all of the things I have been loving, so make sure you keep an eye out for my ‘April Favourites’ coming soon!

April has felt like it’s been a busy month for us. We’ve had a lot going on to be fair and so Harry has discovered lots of new things to love this month and even rediscovered some old loves too! Here are his top 5 in no particular order!

1.    Milk – What a strange thing to be put into a monthly favorites post! Who doesn’t love a nice cold glass of milk? Harry for some reason has been drinking milk like it's going out of fashion. For a couple of months, he really went off milk, not wanting to touch anything remotely milk like – We just about got him to eat some yogurts – and I was really getting worried about him not getting enough calcium, but lately, he is drinking milk nonstop. When offered a drink he will always ask for milk. He also can’t get enough of yogurts and cheese. Don’t need to worry about the calcium now!

2.    Chicco goal league – For Harry’s birthday this year he got this interactive goal from my dad and he is obsessed. It’s a great little toy keeping him active and encourages him to run and aim and all sorts of things. The goal itself has three settings, penalty shots which you can play 1 vs 1, golden goals which seems like a timed setting and then challenge. Harry loves the light and sounds. It comes with a very soft ball which makes it perfect for indoor play but its super lightweight (Harry can lift it and carry it around his room, we are constantly going to get him in the morning and it is in a different place then we left it the night before) and we are hoping it will be good in the garden in the summer too!

3.   Talking Mr. Tumble toy – When shopping for Harry’s main birthday present in Smyth’s toy store, Sam and I came across this and knew we had to get it for him! It has fast become his very favorite teddy. Mr. Tumble is the first thing we hear through the monitor in the morning letting us know Harry is awake. He will work his way through the phrases that Mr. Tumble says until he gets to the Something Special theme tune, which he then sings, and signs along to. Harry will find his Mr. Tumble whenever he can and sing the tune – Because we obviously need more Mr. Tumble in our lives!!

4.       Pizza – Has anyone noticed that there is always food in Harry’s favorites? To be honest he has always been a big eater and food has always been his favorite part of any day. Harry discovered a real passion for Pizza this month. I think it helps that he has almost learned to say pizza, but he has asked for pizza for his tea almost every day this month. His favorite seems to be Cheese and Tomato, but Harry will happily eat any pizza put in front of him.

5.    Peppa Pig 
It pains me to be putting Peppa Pig in a harry favorites. I was that mum swearing my child would never watch Peppa Pig. I feel that Peppa is rude to her parents – Well rude in general – and promotes bad behavior – Unfortunately Harry doesn’t seem to agree! I don’t really know where its all come from but Harry will happily sit and watch Peppa for hours if we let him and once it's turned off he will sign ‘pig’ while saying please – He’s really cute but I need to learn to say no once in a while!!
And those are the top 5 things Harry has been loving this month!!

What do your toddlers love?

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