Joining Slimming World!

So, I joined slimming world! I had been toying with the idea for a while umming and ahhing about if I was going to do it and I found a group close to me, so, after putting it off for a few weeks I plucked up the courage and went along.

I had been trying to lose weight on my own for a while and it just wasn’t working for me very well. I’m the kind of person that needs a plan, with motivation and lots of encouragement. I have next to no will power so I felt that slimming world would really help.

I looked at WW (Used to be weight watchers) but after talking to some people I felt that Slimming World was a better fit for me.

It took me a few weeks after I have made the decision to join slimming world to actually go because I was so nervous. I am embarrassed about how big I let myself get and felt like I was going to be judged for letting myself get that way.

I was still so nervous when I finally got into that room. Being the only new member that session probably didn’t help with the nerves.

The group I go to is honestly the most caring and considerate group. I instantly felt accepted and now know how stupid it was to worry about being judged. Honestly, everybody who goes to Slimming World is there do the exact same reason as I am. To lose some weight and have a healthier lifestyle.

I don’t go to Slimming World just to lose weight though. I go to help get a healthier relationship with food. Food has always been my comfort, especially in the days of my deep depression. My bad days mentally are the hardest for me but I’m definitely learning how to cope without binge eating whenever I feel down.

I’d like to do some more Slimming World posts on here so if you like these definitely keep your eyes peeled for them! Also if you are following Slimming World let me know your top tips for keeping on plan!

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