How to stay positive during lockdown

I know, I know another lockdown post. 

I swore I wouldn't write too much about the lockdown, but we are in week 8 now and honestly, I'm not finding much else to write about. 

I read through some of my other posts about being in lockdown and I realised that they were all a bit... depressive. So I got myself together and swore to myself I would remain positive for the rest of this mess that we as a world are finding ourselves in. 

Staying positive in a global pandemic is admittedly not easy, but this is how I plan to try to stay on track.

Thinking about the future

This is not going to last forever, although it certainly feels like it will sometimes, we will be able to see family and friends at some point, we will be able to do all of the things we are missing, whether that be going on a night out, to the pub, to the gym, or even just nipping to the shops to do a bit of retail therapy - I know which onesI'm most excited for. 

While everything may not be exactly like it was before, we will get back to some sort of normalcy. When I feel myself getting fed up or upset about the lockdown, I think of that quote 'this too shall pass' and it will. 

Making plans

Sam and I were supposed to be celebrating our birthday in Prague this year. Our birthday is 10th June and so this will obviously not be happening, so we have agreed that when this is all over we will still go. We also have plans for days out with Harry and fun things to do as a family. 

While we cannot put an exact date on these, it's nice to think about things we would like to do when we are able to do so. 

Think about all of the things we can do and have right now - and make the most of it

Lockdown, while hard, has given me so much time with Harry and Sam. While I am at work I rarely got to see Sam and he works shifts, and although he is a key worker and still working as normal, we get to spend lots of time together. I am also here every day with Harry. The moment lockdown is over he is off to his Nanna's house for a good couple of days, but I am loving spending all of this time with him that I never would have gotten before. It has opened my eyes to just how smart, fun and just purely amazing my little boy is. 

Be grateful

The one thing I am reminding myself of every day and that keeps me positive is how grateful I am that we are all well and together. If lockdown had not happened I don't know if that would have been the case. It's still dangerous out there, and we all jump at every cough, but we are well and together, what more could I ask for?

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  1. I love this! I find that making plans for the future is massively helping me stay positive!


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