Our birthday in lockdown!

Happy Birthday to us!


If you don’t know, Sam and I share a birthday – Crazy I know! – on the 10th of June. This year we were supposed to be in Prague over our birthday, just Sam and I, but for obvious reasons this didn’t happen and we are looking at rebooking for next year.

We didn’t celebrate our birthday on the 10th as Harry had an appointment at Great Ormand Street Hospital, but a few days before we booked a take-away afternoon tea at a local tea room, picked it up and took it to the stately home near us to picnic in the grounds. The house was not open due to the Covid – 19 situation but the ground were and so we leisurely ate our picnic in the grounds then went exploring! Harry loved the afternoon tea – the tea room did a children’s tea too and Harry had dinosaur-shaped sandwiches and a huge slice of cake which was probably his favourite bit! – and had such fun exploring the grounds of the home. We spent most of the day there.

A few days after our birthday we did a celebratory video chat quiz with all of our family and were very kindly treated to a wonderful Turkish take – away by Sam’s family.


While it wasn’t the birthday we had imagined and expected, it has been a great way to celebrate our day!


  1. Happy belated Birthday, first of all! Sounds like you made the most of the way things are. My wife and daughter have birthdays coming up in the next 10 days and we're trying to adapt. We're looking at the takeaway options too!

  2. Happy belated birthday! That cake and food looks so yummy!

    Lauren | www.bournemouthgirl.com

  3. Happy birthday! It is so cool that you two share a birthday. It is great that Harry got to enjoy some afternoon tea with the cute dinosaur-shaped sandwich!! Glad you enjoyed your celebration!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  4. A birthday is a strange thing to celebrate in lockdown! But I'm glad you managed to get out and celebrate it! Also that rainbow cake looks awesome!

  5. What a lovely way to celebrate an unusual birthday

  6. I am glad you managed to find a way to enjoy your birthdays in lockdown.

  7. Happy belated birthday! I bet the dinosaur shaped sandwich was a hit! I'm glad that you've managed to celebrate it somehow, despite lockdown :)
    Konna @ The Reading Armchair


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