Book recommendations for Toddlers

Books. Who doesn't love a good book? Harry has always loved to flick through books, even though he can't read himself. He will always be asking for us to read to him and we have built books into most of our daily routines. 
Harry has so many books, but I thought I would go through some of my recommendations for books for toddlers. 

1. The Gruffalo

While this book is a classic, I have to admit I had never read this as a child. I'm not really sure why we got this one for Harry but I'm so glad we did. This was the first book he sat and listened to us reading the whole way through and since then has asked for it most days. I highly recommend this book, I love that it rhymes and talks about different body parts too!

2. We're Going On a Bear Hunt

How many times have we read this book to Harry? Two hundred? Three? He never gets bored of it. This one is currently in our bedtime story pile but Harry will ask for it read at any time of the day. It's gotten so Sam and can tell the story without reading the book, and Harry knows most of it too! But all in all, it is a great book to read to your toddlers and the repetition will also come in useful when teaching them to read too!

3. Green Eggs and Ham

This book was one of my favourites when I was Harry's age, and now is one of his too! We like to use different tones of voice when reading with Harry and he finds it hilarious with this one when we make it sound slightly angry with dear Sam-I-Am. Dr Suess also has some other great books but this one is a great starter in my opinion.

4. The Large Family

Okay so this isn't one book, but 5. I remember reading these in school and loving them - Harry really enjoys them but that could be because they are elephants. However, the stories are short enough to keep a toddlers attention and the set makes a lovely gift!

5. Hands off my Honey

This book was a random find for us over Christmas when the works had their 10 books for £10 deal on in-store. We had gone in because they also had the two missing Large family books that Harry needed to complete his set and thought we may as well take advantage of the deal for stocking fillers for him. We found some great books but Harry really enjoys this one, possibly because of the gruff voice we put on for the bear but he will giggle at the end when he learns it is all a game. Great book!


  1. These are great recommendations!

  2. I remember a few of these books from my childhood! Its so lovely to see a child enjoying a book!


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