Activities to do at home with toddlers

I don't know about everyone else's children but Harry is not loving life during lockdown. He is really struggling with what to do, he's used to running around with 30 other children and so being at home 90% of the day with just me most of the time is hard for him. 

We have been trying to keep him occupied but his attention span is honestly about 3.3 seconds so we have been looking into things we can do with him to keep him busy until bedtime! 

We have been playing lots of Orchard Toys games with Harry. He didn't have any Orchard Toys games before lockdown and now we have them I wonder why I didn't buy any before! We don't play them properly, Harry just isn't there yet, but we do play the games. We currently have Shopping list, Lunchbox, Fruit Frenzy and Tell the time and he loves them. I got these in a bundle from eBay in pristine condition. 
Harry loves to play ‘game’.

Baking is another great one. Baking is a huge passion of mine and Harry loves to get involved - even if he just licks the spoon and bowl! 

Tablet time is great for Harry. He will use his Amazon kindle fire to play games -what he doesn’t realise is he is learning at the same time! 

Harry will also sit for hours playing with his dinosaurs. We try and spend as much time as we can in his room playing with his small toys and currently the dinos are his favourite.

What activities do you like to do at home with your toddler? 

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