Best bath time products for toddlers

Bath time. Why is it some children love to have a bath and some hate it?

Harry has never been the biggest fan. He's never laid down in the bath and hates to have his hair washed - I'm honestly not sure he will ever grow out of it. 

But today I wanted to talk about the products we use in the bath with Harry. It's not the longest list but we do have some firm favourites. These are things we've used pretty much since the beginning. Harry has incredibly sensitive skin and changing the products we use usually irritate his skin so we tend to leave it alone. 

Harry pretty much only has a bath before bed. He doesn't have one every night because when he was younger it would dry out his skin. Because his bath time is before bed we use the 'bedtime bath' I can't tell you if it works or not, it's just something we have always done. We have tried the Johnsons brand and honestly haven't found it any different to the generic brand so use the Tesco own right now. 

To wash Harry's hair we use the dove baby shampoo. Harry is probably old enough now to use normal shampoo now but I love this stuff and his hair is so soft after using it I can never resist!

After bath time Harry has some Child's Farm moisturiser or if his skin is particularly bad we pull out the diprobase! If you have dry skin - definitely try diprobase its the best!

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