What's On My Amazon Wishlist

Am I the only person with about 12 wish lists on Amazon? I have one for me, one for Sam (not that he uses it) one for Harry and one for pretty much every room in the house, then storage ones too. I may be a little obsessed really. 

For todays post I thought I would share some of the things on my Wishlist, because honestly I'm super nosey and if I saw this post I would be clicking straight on it!

(Please note I will not be sharing my Wishlist on this post, I am not in any way begging for gifts I just like to see what's on other peoples list and get ideas for mine. If you don't like the idea of this post please do not feel like you need to stay!)

Disclaimer - Some of my links are affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you chose to buy something from my link, but it will not affect the price you pay!

1. Baking supplies

I don't think I ever not having baking stuff in my Wishlist. I love baking. It's my happy place and so I am always looking for new things for my baking hobby! Right now I am in desperate need of a new mixer as mine has finally after around 7 years. I would obviously love a kitchen aid but I just can't justify £500 for a mixer right now. I'm currently looking at this one

2. Instax Mini

Who remembers the original poleriod camera's back in the day? I remember my aunts buying me one for Christmas when I was around 9 years old and I'm 100% positive that is where I got my love of photography and all things media! So when the Intax Mini's came out I was obsessed but haven't been able to bring myself to buy one because as a parent, there is always something more important to spend the money on! The camera I am looking at is here.

3. Nespresso Vertuo

I am a huge coffee lover and I have a Dolce Gusto machine, which I love but honestly, the Nespresso Vertuo looks amazing! With the milk frother I can see me using that so much. You can find the coffee machine here

4. iPad Pro

Who doesn't want one of these? For me I would love it for doing some writing on the go as it is almost impossible on the go at the moment. You can find the iPad Pro on Amazon

5. Bookmark

Possibly my favourite thing on my Wishlist (and the ONLY Harry Potter thing) is this beautiful Ravenclaw (the best house) bookmark - Please note other houses are available! Find on Amazon here


  1. Amazon wishlists are fun. I use them to keep track of gift ideas for my family members too as I think of things throughout the year that they would like.

  2. Nice list. The instax item seem intersting and worth spending money on haha. I been lookiong for ipad for a while now and still want to get it.

  3. I love having my Instax and I'm sure you'd love it too. It's a great way to capture memories! I have a whole drawer full of fun instant film photos that make me so happy whenever I look back at them!

  4. Most of the items on my wishlist aren't actually for me I need to get better at curating my own wishlist, haha!


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