Baby Shower gift ideas

With restrictions lifting in the UK lots of parties are starting to happen more and more and I've noticed lots of people planning baby showers. 

I know that most people give baby clothes as presents, and while that is so appreciated by new mothers there are often lots of other things they need or have their eyes on, so I thought I would put together a list of present ideas for if you are stuck and don't want to give clothes. 

Money or Vouchers

This one is probably my go-to because I would rather parents buy something they actually need. I usually give a £20 John Lewis voucher (I used to go to Mothercare but as that's now gone...). A voucher towards a big or special item can come in really useful and while it's not the prettiest thing its probably one of their favourite presents. 

Personalised gifts

I love anything with Harry's name or initials on and always have, so when people got us things with his name on they were probably my favourite presents. I love the idea of gifting one of the My 1st Years backpacks or one of their wooden toys, although maybe not too useful with the newborn stage something beautiful for when the baby is a little older. Obviously, if you don't know the baby's name this one is a little harder. 

Jelly Cat stuffed animals

I found Jelly Cat by watching YouTube and fell in love, they do so many different animals and these are perfect 'special' soft toys that will last the baby for years. I love the idea of if the parents have a themed nursery - especially if its an animal theme - you can get an animal to match. Harry got his Jelly Cat elephant this year from my lovely work colleagues and I'm even more obsessed!

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