Baking with Toddlers

Today, I wanted to put together my top tips for baking with a toddler. I spend a lot of time baking and it is also one of Harry's favourite things to do, but baking with toddlers is not always easy! So here is my top tips!

Forget your expectations!

When you look at baking with kids vlogs on YouTube or photos on instagram you instantly get expectations, but I can pretty much guarantee your baking experience is not going to go like that! It will definitely be an instagram vs reality moment for you, but that's okay. 

Pre mesure your ingredients

This one is more for younger toddlers, but I cannot tell you how useful this is. There is nothing worse than ingredients everywhere and pretty much nothing baked and a huge mess to clean up - although you can honestly get some super cute pictures with this!

Pick a recipe they can get creative with

Harrys favourite things about baking is mixing, licking the bowl, and decorating! Whether this is biscuits or cupcakes or tray bakes harry loves to decorate them with different sprinkles, coloured icing and all of those things. 

Use child friendly utensils

Toddlers are small. Like really small some of them, so using the normal baking utensils can be really hard for them, so if you really want to make this a great hobby for you and your toddler I highly recommend investing in some child friendly utensils! They aren't expensive, but will make a real difference with your toddler baking. 

Bake something they will want to eat

There is absolutely no point baking something with your toddler they then are going to point blank refuse to eat. Although cooking and baking with children is a great way to get them trying different foods, if you know they will not touch say broccoli, don't bake something with broccoli because the likelyhood is they won't be interested in baking it and you will struggle. This is a tip for toddlers only, when they are older they may be more accepting. 

I hope you find these tips useful! Let me know if you try being with your toddler.

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