2020 - our year in pictures

2020 is most certainly a year I don't think anyone will ever forget. Who would have thought that we would end last year in the middle of a pandemic? I for one certainly didn't, however 2020 taught me lot of important lessons and I want to remember everything we've been through this year so I can look back and see how far we've come. 

So here is our 2020 in pictures;


We spent much of January playing with new toys! However, it was January that Harry had an accident at nursery resulting in needing to have his chin glued and a permanent scar!


February saw lots of wintery walks and a special trip to London for Harry's pre op appointment


March 2020 saw world Down Syndrome Day and my baby turn 4! It also saw the start on a very long lockdown for the UK and meant lots of home days, and lots of baking!


Lockdown in full swing for April and lots of time spent at home. We decided to attempt potty training (it didn't work) and spent lots of days in the garden enjoying the very nice weather. We also enjoyed easter in lockdown


In May we decided to try to grow sunflowers as we were home all the time


June was a massive month, we had lockdown hair cuts, Mummy and Daddy's birthday and Harry's operation that had been postponed twice before due to Covid. June also marked the end of lockdown.


July was all about recovery and family time. We were lucky enough to enjoy some freedom as lockdown was over too. Mummy also went back to work in July. 


August meant lots more time in the sun! We also were lucky enough to enjoy a Bank Holiday day out, which we filmed! you can watch our vlog here


September was another huge month in 2020 for us, as our monkey started SCHOOL!


Harry got his weighted blanket in October and we spent lots of time outside walking again!


November was Christmas shopping and visiting our favourite treat (Who doesn't love Bubble Tea?) We also decided that as the year had been hard we would decorate our Christmas Tree!


December brings us to the end of the year and my favourite time of the year, CHRISTMAS! In December we decided to get rid of the stair gates and Harry went into a single bed from his toddler bed, then Santa came and Harry got well and truly spoilt for Christmas.

And that is how our 2020 went! I love looking back at these pictures, Harry has changed so much in just 12 months.

What are your favourite memories from 2020?


  1. What a lovely look back on 2020 - some gorgeous pics here!

  2. I could imagine that this post can serve like an album for Harry and you guys can read it again when he's bit older! I enjoyed the pictures and your monthly stories. It seemed that the pandemic didn't stop u from spending quality time together and it's cery lovely to see that. Thank you for sharing this! Happy new year and stay safe to you and your lovely family! 😊✨ xx


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