Tips to feel better after a bad day

 2021 doesn't seem to be getting much better, especially in the UK does it? 

On 04/01/2020 Boris Johnson announced another national lockdown and I know as a nation, we were heart broken. 

During the March lockdown depression rates in the UK almost doubled to 19.7% of adults so who knows how much they will rise this time around. 

With this in mind, and my own experience with depression I thought I would share my tips for helping you feel better when you are having a bad day with our mental health. 

Switch off

Step away from Instagram, or Facebook or any kind of social media. When we look at instagram we see many things, mostly at the moment we see people absolutely smashing life in lockdown. This is not always the case and a lot of these snippets into peoples lives do not show the real story. Put away your phone and try to avoid any sort of social media. 

Turn off the news

The news is bringing no-one any sort of good news at the moment. While its great to know what is going on int he world, looking at the news when you are having a really shitty day is never going to make you feel any better. 

Get clean

I'm not talking about cleaning your house, which is honestly probably the last thing you are thinking about when having a bad day. I'm talking about yourself. In my experience after a hard day I love to take a warm (more like hot) shower. There is something about giving my body a really good clean that makes me feel so much better. A bath is also great for some self care, but I much prefer a shower personally. 

Take some me time

When your mental health is low, there is nothing more important than taking some me time. If you have children or are still working this isn't always easy but once the kids are in bed and work is done for the day, grab. book, or a good film or run that bath. Focus on you, paint your nails, do your hair. 

Have a good cry

This is one that I don't really see anywhere but, when I'm feeling really low, sometimes there is nothing better than a good cry. I usually try to find something else to cry about, like a sad film or book - (one day or the notebook are favs of mine) and really let it out. It can defiantly be refreshing and sometimes can make you feel so much better, so why not give it a try?

I really hope these tips help you. Have I missed any that you find help?

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