Colour sorting game

Today Sam set up a great game for Harry. It was completely free using things we had laying around the house!

He used - 4 different containers - Old boxes, a roasting tin and our carrier bag storage! Paper with 4 different colours on them. We chose red yellow blue and green and just coloured 4 pieces of the paper. and things to sort. This was easy for us. We just used Harry's ball pit balls. We found 8 of each colour was the perfect amount.

Sam mixed up all the balls, threw them on the floor and let harry go! Harry picked up on the game really quickly. Red balls in the box with the red paper, blue with blue, green with green and yellow with yellow. This game really helped Harry to understand the different colours and even helped with his speech, using the words 'red' 'yellow' 'blue' 'green' 'here' 'there' 'that'. 

While this was a quick game we swapped the positions of the boxes and tested Harry with giving him the balls rather than letting him pick. We even progressed to giving him two balls of different colours and letting him work out which box they needed to go into!

Harry had great fun and wanted to play again and again. It was a great way to keep him learning without him realising. We will definitely be playing this again, maybe introducing different objects and a wider range of colours.

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