How we are staying sane in lockdown

Lockdown. Who thought we would end up here? Covid-19 (or coronavirus, whichever you want to call it!) has sent the whole world into a panic and here we are in the UK, under lockdown. There are more and more cases every day and more and more deaths. I worry every day about Harry getting it as he could be considered high risk due to his heart issues and because of this we are staying home and have been since before the lockdown.

But staying home day after day is not easy. When there were the first talks of lockdown I was excited at the thought of spending more time with Harry and desperately wanted this, however, the moment it happened I worried about keeping Harry occupied and keeping my mental health in check especially as I'm not working from home I'm just home. After the first week indoors I wanted to talk about how we have been coping.

1. Getting dressed every day. This is a big one for me. I spent the first couple of days in my pj's and vegging out in front of the TV. We did no activities and honestly, it was not productive. I went to bed every night telling myself 'I'll get up and do this or that tomorrow' It didn't happen and I stayed in my PJ's on the sofa all day. Then something hit me and I had a shower, brushed my hair and got dressed, then suddenly I was like a new woman. I've now been dressed every day since and getting lots more done.

2. Having a routine. Again, I obviously didn't do this one for the first couple of days and felt completely lost if I'm honest, but then I realised, we don't know when - or even if - Harry will be going back to the nursery and he thrives having a routine, so we've put some in place. It's not a strict 'we must do this at this time' routine but it helps both Harry and I feel more at ease.

3. Garden time - The weather is finally nice enough for us to use the garden and we have been making the most of it. Harry loves to be outside and to be honest, it wasn't always my favourite thing to do but I'm really appreciating the fresh air out there.

4. Learning-based activities. I felt so guilty that Harry spent three days sat in front of the TV. especially with him starting school in Septemeber. So I jumped online and looked for some age-appropriate learning-based activities for him. It's not something that you will have to do - unless your child is already at school and the school have provided work for them to do, but this makes me feel so much better about having him home. I am also going to be digging out the 100 words activity that nursery does with him and putting that to good use every day too!

How are you staying sane? What have you been up too? I'd love some more ideas of things to do with Harry too!

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