My favourite things to do with Harry, when it's just us!


3 weekends out of every 5, it's just me and Harry, while Sam is working. It took a long time for this to be something I'm comfortable with, and 'solo-parenting' is still so hard sometimes, but Harry and I have found some things to do together that we just love.

Snuggles and a film are usually my go-to when it's early in the morning (5:30 am on a Sunday, really Harry?!) So we pull out the spare quit and pillows, get cosy on the sofa and pop on one of Harry's favourites (usually one of the Incredibles or Despicable Me films). Some days Harry will only give me 20 minutes, others he can make it to pretty much the end of the film.

I love to get cosy with him on the sofa, its one of the only times he ever lets me get some proper snuggles and it quite content. It usually gives me time to wake up properly too. I'm going to be completely honest as well and say that some mornings, depending on what shift Sam is on, we don't make it downstairs and Harry just climbs into our bed, which he definitely prefers!

Harry and I love to get out the crafts. especially when the weather isn't the best and I don't really want to take him out. Harry loves playdough so that definitely always comes out at some point, I'm definitely that mum though who only lets him play with one colour at the time. I can't cope with the mixing. We also love to paint and at the moment Harry's favourite thing to do it paint his hands and make prints. It's not the cleanest activity but he really loves it.

I love to bake and Harry loves to help. This is something I love to do with him but I'm also a perfectionist so struggle to actually let him help! I'd love to do more baking with him though and I know he would love to do more baking!
Nothing makes Harry happier then getting his coat and boots on and going for a walk, especially if he can splash in the puddles!

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